What does “Simple Crunchy” mean?  “Simple Crunchy” takes a conservative stance on the Hipster Neo-Hippy movement.  Simple Crunchy is more of a right-leaning, family-oriented point of view where people eat organics and gluten-free, garden, recycle, use natural health and beauty products, and buy environmentally safe cleaning products – cheap and easy without a lot of fuss. That’s what this website is all about!

The Health and Beauty Product Giants are the masterminds of marketing. Though the globe is full of different brands and trademarks, only a handful of conglomerates produce all that lies in our world’s medicine cabinets. Modern R&D took centuries of trustworthy, healthy, and inexpensive products and created a fancy world of harmful merchandising – bankrupting the little guys. The result: money in corporate coffers, and consumers battling modern illnesses.

A little harsh you say? I was skeptical too, but after decades of minor health issues, and a decade in East Asia, I realized, as a Westerner, we are a society of fallen prey.  Please keep reading…

My Natural Health Journey began more out of necessity rather than a Green Peace past.  We lived in Japan, and I couldn’t purchase favorite American foods and products. I cooked meals from scratch and made homemade beauty and cleaning products.  I became immersed in Asian culture and often socially blended in. On several occasions over tea, friends laughed about their previous western friends’ eating habits and beauty regimes. Did they forget I was Caucasian as can be??  They even snickered at the fragrances and horrid-ness of my cherished American brands which welled-up both feelings of nostalgia and shame – at the same time.

Upon returning to the U.S., our produce tasted horrible, I felt lethargic, and upon complaining about it all I quickly found myself in the middle of the “Crunchy” revolution. Influenced by this movement, I was ABSOLUTELY overwhelmed at places like Wal-Mart.  There were so many choices for any given item… Which ones were good for my family?  Which one should I choose?  Well, my money was on the “healthy” products.  BUT, come to find out, the “healthy” items were just as horrible for my family as everything else.  I felt duped!

That’s why I created this Blog.  Simple Crunchy is a down-to-Earth look at actually using products and eating foods which make us healthy AND feel good – not shave time off our life expectancies.